Gunhouse, a game that was only available on PlayStation Vita launched last month on Windows Phone without many people realizing it. Hopefully, that will all change as the game has become free for Windows Phone users.

Gunhouse, is part puzzle game and part tower-defense by the crazy developers over at Necrosoft. The objective of the game is to create huge blocks on the puzzle board that will become formidable weapons to use against the vast waves of enemies. The bigger the block, the better the weapon. But you have to be quick on your feet otherwise you won't have any weapons when the enemies start rolling in. The enemies come in waves so that you have a few seconds to create new weapons to take the next wave on.

Although the game's simplicity and intensity make it very addictive. It's the art style and music that make the game crazy good. The art style of the game is truly unique and is easy on the eyes. It reminds me of graffiti but with a comic book flair to it. The enemies are the most fun to look at, as they all have their own wacky looks and attack to go along with it.

The music of Gunhouse was made by the same guy who made the music for the indie-hit Fez. It's the perfect upbeat music to keep your mind racing while you're struggling to create weapons.

All-in-all, Gunhouse is an impressive tower-defense game that we Windows Phone users are privileged to have on our platform. And the fact that the game is available for free makes the purchase of the game a no-brainer. So if you are a fan of tower defense games or puzzle games for that matter go to the store and start downloading right away even if you have a 512mb device.

QR: Gunhouse