Although GoVoice just hit v2.5, its closest competitor, GVoice has been left in the dust for some time now mostly due to some "issues" (to put it lightly) in Microsoft's app approval process. We mentioned about the fiasco a couple of weeks ago here.

Well, good news for GVoice users and the developer: his app has finally been given the green light after being in limbo for nearly 2 months.

It should go live in the Marketplace anytime now. To see the full change-log, including new features, hit the jump for the list...

Update: V1.2 is now live in the Marketplace, grab it here.

  • Switched to using the standard “tilt” animation found in Windows Phone lists.
  • Voicemail playback highlights the transcript word by word, as seen in the Google Voice web interface.
  • Mark as Unread
  • Search is snappier
  • You no longer have to enter a number during login; instead, a list of all valid phones linked to the account is shown.
  • Fixed issue with texts and voicemails being accidentally clicked too easily when scrolling.
  • Search Conversations/Conversations can be deleted
  • Call Log
  • Added keyboard auto completion
  • Outgoing calls now open a call screen
  • Contact photo downloads are more reliable
  • Progress indicator now has a textual description
  • Google Voice can be dialed via the application menu
  • Direct/PIN Dial is available via the settings menu
  • Fixed conversation sort order

Source: @koush