Trines Hangman for Windows Phone

If you're not familiar, Gydar Industries is the developer behind Windows Phone titles such as Trine's Hangman and People Search. Gydar Industries is based out of Norway and today marks the anniversary of the tragedy in Oslo and Utoya. Feeling the need to do something positive in remembrance of this tragic event, Gydar is offering all their Windows Phone apps for free today.

The price was changed about 24 hours ago and it may take a while before the pricing changes are reflected in your Marketplace. The free offer will last through the day and late tomorrow the prices will be reset back to their original pricing point.  Here is a listing with links to the Marketplace for Gydar's Windows Phone apps effected by this offer.

  • If you're in the market for an excellent word game, it's hard to beat Trine's Hangman.
  • People Search is an alternative dialer/contact search app that is very popular and Gydar's other app,
  • Trine i Farta (no it's not a fart app) is a very nice Norwegian traffic app for the area mass transit services.

The free versions of Trine's Hangman and Trine i Farta... well... are already free.  Again, be patient if you don't see the pricing changes right away. Pricing changes can take between 24 and 48 hours to kick so if you don't see them now, check back later.

QR: Trines Hangman Pro           QR: People Search       QR: Trine i Farta Pro