Most of us aren't quite able to play around with TouchFLO 3D yet as it's only available on the HTC Diamond and the Touch Pro (we're still crossing our fingers for September, by the way). However when we do get our hands on TouchFLO 3D goodness, it looks like we'll be able to hack away. The fine folks at Pocketnow have a couple of posts detailing some settings you can change up.

  • The first is reordering the TouchFLO tabs to something that makes a little more sense for your workflow.
  • The 2nd isn't TouchFLO per say, but instead details the settings you'll need to change in order to make the Diamond's 'zoom wheel' (that's right, it doesn't scroll, it zooms) work in applications not titled “Opera” or “Outlook.” It's registry-riffic, so save it for later.

Meanwhile, feel free to kick back and ogle our first look at the Diamond and dream about the CDMA version we're expecting. It's going to be a great fall, folks.