Halo 2: Anniversary, the new version of the classic Xbox sci-fi shooter that's being included in the upcoming Xbox One title Halo: The Master Chief Collection, will feature some incredible-looking revamped cut scenes, judging by the new trailer released by Microsoft today.

The new sequences were made by famed Hollywood and video game CGI house Blur Studio and feature cinema-style visuals in both the space scenes as well as in the character and facial animations. It really makes you wish that there was an entire Halo feature film made with this kind of quality. In addition to the revamped cut scenes, Halo 2: Anniversary will also contain a graphical redo of the game itself, along with new versions of several of its multiplayer maps.

You can check out the new visuals when Halo: The Master Chief Collection ships for the Xbox One on November 11, or you can watch Windows Central's streaming of the game via Twitch later tonight. Which game in the collection are you looking forward to playing the most?

Source:Xbox (YouTube)