Halo 5: Guardians

The recent public multiplayer beta test for Halo 5: Guardians generated tons of data and feedback from its players. All of that information will be used by the game's developer 343 Industries and publisher Microsoft to change and improve the multiplayer experience when the final game is released later in 2015 for the Xbox One console.

In a lengthy blog post, Halo 5's executive producer Josh Holmes listed off just some of the many changes that will be put into the multiplayer modes, in terms of weapons, Spartan abilities, the overall presentation and more. One of the changes focuses on the new Hydra weapon. Holmes wrote that it received a "mixed response" from players in the beta, adding:

Hard to use at first, it took some time for players to realize how effective the Hydra is at curving shots around cover at range from within the new Smart-Link system. Once it clicked, people began mopping up, but many players still felt that the weapon didn't have enough utility in general combat. We'll be buffing the weapon to make it more effective out of zoom and ensure that it feels like a true power weapon.

Halo 5 Infographic

343 Industries also released an infographic, shown above, which shows off some of the hard numbers generated by players in the Halo 5 multiplayer beta. There's no word if the team plans to launch any more beta tests before the final game ships to stores.

Source: Microsoft