Halo Channel

Today, Microsoft launched the Halo Channel app for both iOS and Android. The next question then, inevitably, from some corners regards the lack of a Windows Phone version. That much is true, there is no Windows Phone version and will not be one.

But it's not all doom and gloom. There will be an app and it'll be available at the launch of Windows 10 Mobile.

From Major Nelson, aka Xbox's Larry Hyrb:

"The @Halo team tells me a Halo Channel app will be available for Windows Phone at the launch of Win 10 Mobile "

We've already got an app for the Xbox and for Windows 8.1, and honestly, it's not that surprising to hear people, including Microsoft, holding off until Windows 10. Office Sway is another good example of a first-party app being held back for the new platform.

So, it sucks in the short term. But Microsoft hasn't forgotten about us.

Update: The official Halo Twitter account has also confirmed the news.

Source: Major Nelson, Halo (Twitter)