A trailer showing gameplay footage from the recently-announced free-to-play PC multiplayer shooter Halo Online has appeared online, letting the rest of the world check out what only gamers in Russia will get to play.

The trailer not only shows in-game action, it also offers some glimpses of how Halo Online will give players tons of different options to customize their in-game character with different helment, armor, and color choices via in-game purchases. Those options are also extended to the weapons, with lots of variants and add-ons to choose from.

Microsoft has already announced that Halo Online uses "a highly modified version of the Halo 3 engine" for its online multiplayer battles, and the trailer shows that engine to full effect as player fire at each other across a number of different levels. Yes, there's also some Warthog action present along with other drivable vehicles.

Microsoft is currently holding a closed beta for Halo Online in Russia, working with Innova Systems and Saber Interactive. There's no word when or if the game will be made available in other markets.

Source: Halo_4game (YouTube)