Halo Waypoint: ATLAS

For those yearning for the big v1.3 update to the Halo Waypoint app, your wait is over. As reported the other day, Microsoft delivered on the 10th as promised. Here's quick refresh on the addition of ATLAS:

"Halo ATLAS uses maps (sponsored by Brady Games) to provide valuable multiplayer data to Halo Reach and Anniversary players. When we say Halo Anniversary players, we really mean Reach players because the non-campaign Anniversary multiplayer simply piggybacks off of Reach.

The connectivity with Reach is possible because during multiplayer games, Reach constantly sends out packets of data called heartbeats that contain gameplay status. Halo ATLAS provides a bunch of that information in near-real-time to smartphone users."

Pretty huge deal and probably the second most anticipated update this week (Xbox Companion being number one, of course).  Read the rest of our detailed post for all the changes or just head here to the Marketplace to get the update/new version.

Thanks, Aaron J., for the tip!