To celebrate this week’s release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, the mobile Halo Waypoint app has received a significant update. Waypoint is now one of the sleekest-looking Windows Phone apps around thanks to a complete visual overhaul. Mango features include Fast App Switching and the ability to pin specific pages to the start screen. I also love that you can listen to podcasts and even watch episodes of Red vs. Blue from directly within the app. Both audio and video playback utilize a unique interface that keeps them feeling like a part of the app instead of just weblinks. Finally, Custom Challenges are a-go.

The only feature that doesn’t seem to have made it past the finish line yet is the ATLAS map system. ATLAS promises to connect with the Xbox 360 version of Halo Reach (and Anniversary) and provide real-time maps of multiplayer games. ATLAS should hopefully arrive with the next Waypoint update.

Halo Waypoint becomes more useful with each update. While it won’t quite become indispensible until ATLAS joins the party, it’s still a great free download for any serious Halo fan. Grab it here on the Marketplace.

Thanks to The WeeBear and Mosammey for the tip!