Hamstas 'n Kitties

The developers of the Windows Phone game Pirates Assault have released a new game for our Windows Phone, Hamstas 'n Kitties.

Dagari Studios has developed a rather unique game that draws a little from Tetris, a little from Bejeweled and maybe a dash from Bubble Birds. With Hamstas 'n Kitties you are presented with a playing field with assorted colored hamsters. Your goal is to create combos of three or more of the same colored hamsters. The gathering of hamsters continue with a row of the furry critters dropping from the top of the screen periodically. If the collection of hamster's reaches the top of the screen, game over.

Hamstas 'n Kitties

Additional features for Hamstas 'n Kitties includes:

  • Four game modes: classic, countdown, gold rush and chillout
  • 25 achievements to complete
  • Worldwide leaderboards
  • Multi-touch support
  • Games can be saved
  • Social networks integration through Scoreloop

You move the hamsters around by dragging those that are at the top row of each column where you need it. You can move one hamster at a time or used more than one finger and move multiple hamsters at a time. To add to the challenge, kitties will drop that are not moveable.  You will need to explode the hamsters around the kittie to get rid of them.

In just tinkering with Hamstas 'n Kitties for a short time, it comes across as a entertaining game to pass the time with. Hamstas 'n Kitties has Scoreloop integration for the online leaderboards and internal gaming achievements to work towards.

There is a free trial version available for Hamstas 'n Kitties that is time limited and restricted to the Classic gaming mode. The full version of the game is currently running $.99 and you can find it all here at the Windows Phone Store.

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