Hand of Fate is already a free game for the month of February on the Xbox One for Xbox Live Gold members, but now the popular fantasy action-RPG-collectible card game Hand of Fate in the Windows Store for Windows 10 PCs and tablets.

Normally the game costs $24.99 in the Windows Store but publisher Yodo1 Games has cut the price down by $5 for the next 13 days, allowing Hand of Fate to be bought for $19.99. Here's a quick description from Microsoft.

"Deck-building isn't confined to a card table in Hand of Fate for Windows 10. This mix of roguelike/action-RPG (role playing game) gameplay starts with a mysterious card dealer and a magical deck of cards, but quickly becomes an all-out battle across vast dungeon floors. The cards hold weapons, armor, artifacts, treasure, monsters, and more, along with the Encounters you'll face. They're played on the table, but when you reach Combat Encounters they fly into your hands as fully modeled 3D assets, arming you for battle."

Download Hand of Fate from the Windows Store

Source: Microsoft

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