Transformer Book Chi T300

ASUS dropped a few new Windows 8.1 products on us at CES 2015 and while the name may split opinions, the Transformer Book Chi is what CEO, Jonney Shih, calls his "ultimate dream machine." ASUS is no stranger to making bold statements, but much of what's been said about the Chi is true. All three sizes are ridiculously thin, very light, and very sturdy Windows tablets. But they also have a keyboard, which makes them much better for productivity.

The T300 is the highest specced, and the biggest, but combined with its keyboard dock its closer to what you'd expect from an Ultrabook than a tablet. Sadly the docks don't add any battery life to the tablets since they just clip on, but with either bay trail Intel CPU – in the T90 and T100 – or a Core M in the T300, we're told to expect upwards of 8 hours battery life. The version we saw had the Full HD display, but there is an option to bump that up to WQHD. And you can have a 128GB SSD inside.

Ports are a little on the slim side, as in there really aren't any. That's a shame, but it's also a compromise ASUS decided to make in the pursuit of slimming down the tablets as much as possible. But if you're looking for something geared at mobile productivity, the Chi series might be right up your street. Adding to that is an included free years Office 365 subscription.

For price and availability, you can expect the tablets to be available in February for the following prices:

T300 with WQHD display: starting at $799 T300 with HD display: $699 T100: $399 T90: $299

We've spent a very short amount of time having a first look, and you'll find those in the videos below. Hopefully we'll get to spend some more quality, non-CES time with them in the near future.