BlueAnt has a couple of neat headsets coming out in the coming months. The first is the BlueAnt Z9i (in red), a minor update to our fave here at WMExperts, the BlueAnt Z9 (see our full review — though since that review BlueAnt has released a couple firmware updates that make it much better). The Z9i adds the swank textured/metallic look you see above as well as real, honest-to-god Multipoint. The hardware is slightly better too, a flexible ear-hook and more eargels to choose from. Expect it sometime in May.

The other is the BlueAnt V1, which they’re touting as the world’s first voice-controlled Bluetooth headset. Think Z9 but instead of punching little buttons to control the headset, you simply speak to it, as in “Pairing Mode” and “Redial.” It’s unclear as of yet how this will work with / break Voice Command functionality on a Windows Mobile phone — mostly because the headsets on hand are still early prototypes. Expect it to be released this summer, almost surely before August we’re told.

...And in a move that proves that BlueAnt gets that wearing a headset all the time, even when you’re not using it, is a foolproof way to look like a dork, they’re keeping the handy shirt clip on these models. Good on you, BlueAnt.

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