So we've managed to snag one of those (as of now) hard to come by pico projectors for the LG eXpo (Read George's full review here).

We'll be doing a full review of the projector, including a video demonstration, in a few days, but for now we figured we would give you our quick, initial impressions of the $179.99 add-on.

First, it's pretty tiny and light. Weighing in at just 50 grams (1.75oz) the little plastic guy is light as a feather.  It's actually remarkable how small and light it is, making it easy to carry around (especially since it comes with a nice little satchel ).

Second, it's easy to set up: you just take the metal battery cover off of the eXpo and slide on the projector.  In that sense, it feels like you're adding on an extended battery cover.  You then turn on the phone and if you slide the lens door on the projector open, you get a pop screen giving you basic directions and a slider. Move the slider and on comes the projector.

The projector will display anything.  That is, if it's on your screen, it can be on the wall.  The camera button acts as a portrait/landscape button and you have a physical slider on the projector to focus (which can be a bit tricky).  It of course uses your phone's battery and yeah, it drains a bit, but you can always plug in your phone. Still, you should easily get two full hours we suppose.

How's it look?  Pretty good actually.  It can project up to a 40 foot picture and the throw is pretty remarkable (they say the throw is up to 8 ft, but we easily more than doubled that). We tossed it onto a small screen in an actual movie theater and it was totally workable--not cinema quality, for but presentations or showing off a video clip...yeah, it would do the job.

So our initial thoughts: impressed.

Have questions?  Want us to test something specific?  Hit us up in comments and we'll get it done.