While we originally thought that the Mobinnova Ice boded well for the company's ability to manufacture future Xperias, our hands on during CES 2009 almost fills us with foreboding.  See, the fit and finish of this model leaves a bit to be desired, although perhaps our expectations were a little too high.  This is actually a pretty standard 'black-slab' WinMo device -- the main innovation here is that '2nd screen,' which in our testing didn't do much more than act like a sub-par D-Pad.  It worked, but it also made us wish they'd just added more pixels to the main screen and then used software magic to add in a D-Pad there.

....Or not.  Although Mobinnova did go through the now-required motions of adding their own custom software on top of Windows Mobile, it's not much to look at (see the photos after the break).

So yeah, we're not huge fans of the Ice, but that doesn't mean that the future is necessarily grim for the Xperia line.  It just means that Sony Ericsson will need to do all the heavy lifting on design and software (something we figure they're doing anyway), and just leave it to Mobinnova to pump out the darn things.

Gallery and specs after the break.

We know, you want the specs before the pics:

  • WinMo 6.1 Pro
  • Qualcomm MSM 7201A Processor, 528MHz
  • 128 RAM, 256 ROM
  • Around 4 Hours talk-time
  • 240x400 screen
  • GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth
  • 3MP camera, FM Radio
  • TV-Out