Announced as part of the apps suite coming with the new Nokia Lumia 2520 here at Nokia World 2013, Nokia Video Director does exactly what it says on the tin. It takes video clips you've shot either on the tablet, or that you've shot and transferred from your Lumia smartphone, and edits them into slick looking videos with ease. 

The editing tools have been created, and simplified, with the tablet screen in mind. Producing a movie is as easy as selecting the desired content, selecting a theme for the movie, and letting the app go to work. Rendering in the demo took around 30-35 seconds, which is pretty respectible considering the resolution of the video being used. 

Then, once the video has rendered, you get a chance to review, tweak, and re-render until you're happy enough with the finished product. Right now, you're only able to share the videos via email or watch them on the tablet, but in the future we're told the popular social networks along with the big one, YouTube, will be integrated for sharing right within Video Director. 

A video speaks much better than words, so check out the hands on video above. All in all, it's a really slick looking app that we're looking forward to spending some time with in the future.