SPB is set to release their latest app, SPB TV soon for the Windows Phone Marketplace and we got a chance to get a sneak peak.

SPB TV has been around for ages on Windows Mobile and is the second port by the popular software company to Windows Phone, the other being Brain Evolution 2. Offering free streaming TV from around the globe, SPB TV is quite popular outside the U.S. (US channel selection is limited, but it's still a great app to have on hand) and offers a excellent streaming experience.

The new version works over 3G or WiFi and features their picture-in-picture technology, allowing you to preview other shows while the one you are currently streaming pauses the image--pretty nifty. The software will also give you alerts (when the program is open, not push notifications) when a preferred program is coming up and overall it looks quite nice with streaming quality looking excellent. The program will of course be free and we hear that a v3.0 is coming soon, offering more premium content (SPB is trying to work on deals to secure bigger network names like CNN, MTV, etc, but it's a difficult area to navigate, specifically revenue).

As far as other apps, from our chat, SPB certainly seems committed to Windows Phone 7 and there are plans to bring over their other apps from Windows Mobile to Windows Phone, but we'll have to wait a bit as that process goes forward.