Over the weekend we posted a demo vid of the new game 'TapSplosion', made by Dave Leverton who's website informs us he's "...a university student, spending 1 hour a day on a personal project! Creating a Windows Phone 7 game in XNA!".

We got a chance to play with TapSplosion, which should be hitting the Marketplace any day now. Initial thoughts? We like it. The graphics and design are fantastic, just really polished looking. The music also goes with the game very well and kind of rocks. As you can see from the video, the game is a "survival" type where you have tons of enemies spawning all over the place and you have to eliminate them using various 'spolsions or other tricks e.g. gravity well. It's like 'Geometry Wars' combined with 'The Revenants - Corridor of Souls' and it works well.

If we had to pick out some things can be improved, we would suggest difficulty levels and perhaps another type of game in addition to "survival" as gameplay is short and furious with this one (you usually can't play for more than a couple of minutes). But hey, it's made by a a student and for v1.0 we like what we see and are having fun playing it. The game will probably for $1.29/£0.99 (+ Trial) though we think a "lite" ad-supported version may be a good idea as well.