We're hoping to see more of Velocity -- ever since we first saw them back in March at the other CTIA, we've been hoping they manage to get their stuff out to market. We'll find out more soon, but for now take a look at their latest offering, the Velocity 83. It's a Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro device (the “Standard Slab,” as Malatesta calls them) with a few twists.

Twist the first: their interface, demo'ed above, called Odyssey -- it's basically a quick list of shortcuts you can scroll through plus some weather. Velocity is quick to point out that it's updatable over the air, so we may see some other features added.

Second twist: two microSD card slots. Nice.

Third twist: it does pack an accellerometer, which you see me valiantly trying to get working in the above video. It does happen, eventually, but apparently there's a knack to it.

Otherwise specs are as you' expec(t) on a low-to-midrange:

  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Pro
  • GPS, WiFi
  • Quad-Band Edge (but no 3G)
  • 2mp Camera
  • 400MHz Processor
  • 240x320 screen
  • 64mb Rom / 128 RAM

Unfortunately, it looks like it's dropped the trackball we saw on previous Velocity models. Price, availability, etc are unknown. What is known by now is the drill -- find a few more shots after the break!