JDB Pocketware is offering Handyscan for Windows Phone 7 over at the Marketplace. If you're looking for a nice, personal document scanner for your Windows Phone, Handyscan should make your short list.

Handyscan utilizes your Windows Phone's camera to scan/photograph documents that can be saved in .pdf format. This will allow you to scan multiple paged documents and save them in a single file.

Handyscan will also allow you to align/crop images and add text to the image before saving. Another handy feature of Handyscan is the ability to email your documents in either .jpg or .pdf format. The email function also allows you to choose the size and quality of the file.

In using Handyscan, capturing the documents with your camera isn't much different than taking any other photograph. The better the lighting, the better the image. You also need to make sure the camera is level and parallel to the document. I found in testing Handyscan, if you scan the document at an angle, distortions can appear.

Document quality is really good.  The above image was captured in .jpg format and emailed using the Best Quality and largest file size. While I could distinguish the scanned document from the original, the details of the document came out very clear on the scan.

Handyscan is running $4.99 over at the Marketplace and there is a trial version available. While simply taking a picture of a document through your camera will do in a pinch, if you need the ability to scan multiple paged documents or need a little higher quality scan, Handyscan will do the trick.

You can find Handyscan here (opens your Zune Desktop).

Update: Handyscan's price has been lowered to $2.99 making it a better buy.