Harbor Master, the nautical line-drawing game, received an updated recently. We’ve braved dangerous waters to smuggle in some release notes for the update.

Harbor Master version 1.1 changelog:

  • We fixed a glitch that would cause the frame rate to be choppy on certain devices when playing the trial version of Harbor Master
  • We fixed a few incorrect translations for buttons on the pause screen (I believe French and Spanish were switched)
  • We fixed the options for the Fast Forward Speed multiplier.  It was possible to set the speed on fast forward to be the same as normal speed.  This shouldn't have been allowed.  So we fixed that.

The performance fix really makes the game run much smoother. WPCentral has also learned that Imangi plans to release a future update to address some Leaderboard issues.

In Harbor Master, players direct ships to port by drawing lines on the touch screen. After a ship has unloaded its cargo, it must also be steered safely away. Seven levels with hazards like cyclones and sea monsters, plus some fairly tough Achievements, will keep players busy for a long time. For more details, check our preview here. Look forward to a full review soon.

Harbor Master costs $2.99 and has a free trial. Pick it up here (Zune link) on the Marketplace.