Harlem Shake

Not exactly sure when or how but at some point in time the Harlem Shake experience went viral. The phenomena has invaded Nokia Music and it has now come to your Windows Phone in the form of the Harlem Shake app.

If Wikipedia is right, we can blame a group of five Australian teenagers for this craze. Some of the renditions of the Harlem Shake are interesting, some humorous, some leave you wondering "what were they thinking?".

Harlem Shake

The Windows Phone app could be labeled "cute" but is rather docile compared to other versions. Harlem Shake is one way you can get into the latest viral craze or just use to drive your friends crazy.

The Harlem Shake Windows Phone app sets up with a series of tiles, much like you'de see on your typical Start Screen. If you tap the "Do the Harlem Shake" tile, the music starts and the tiles do their thing.

It's not a bad novelty app and luckily it's a freebie (albeit ad supported). You can find Harlem Shake here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, joeymk, for the tip!

QR: Harlem Shake