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PlayUp - The new JBL-Noka portable speaker with NFC

[Updated with new images and Nokia link]

Bloomberg BusinessWeek and Nokia’s own Chris Weber have revealed that JBL and Nokia are getting together for some new NFC-enabled mobile speakers called PlayUp.

Much like the Play360 currently on the market from Nokia, the new JBL-Nokia offerings look to improve upon their existing model of high quality portable media speakers. The device is expected to feature NFC and Bluetooth for easy connectivity and since Nokia’s new Lumia lineup will feature NFC, it makes a good pair for retail.

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"Bold" yellow Nokia 'Phi'

The speakers are expected to come in a variety of colors including “bold” yellow. That’s a big confirmation that the Lumia ‘Phi’ phone leaked earlier in yellow is indeed real and will be one of the new colors offered by Nokia.

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In a related Tweet, Nokia’s Chris Weber noted the following:

“JBL introduced some wicked NFC-enabled speakers today. Love the colors! More next week?”

That’s a good indication that in addition to new phones, we’ll also see these new JBL speakers tossed into the mix, offering a complete media package for Windows Phone users.

We’ll have more next week during our live coverage of the Nokia-Microsoft press conference here in New York City.

Source: Nokia, BusinessWeek, @CWeberatNokia; Thanks, Romit, for the link