The site AppDreamr has a great idea in mind for consumers and developers: submit your app ideas, including any screenshots or features you want and let the community vote on it. Then a developer will see which app "dreams" are the most popular and will basically call "dibs" on it bringing the idea to life. From Arian Kulp, the site's creator:

"This isn't just a way to suggest that apps on other platforms are ported, but to be able to pitch a great idea for a new app.  The main audience is for the end-users to dream up the app features and screen mockups, and discuss them.  The expectation is that devs will see the highest-voted app ideas and will want to produce them (less of an unknown if it will succeed).  I envision a community of passionate users dreaming up great concepts, and developers getting popular by implementing them."

It's really a great idea as users get the apps they want and devs can find work and new concepts to start off from. Plus, as pointed out, devs will have more confidence in the app being successful if folks are demanding and voting on the idea.

So devs and thinkers, head over to to get started.