Samsung ATIV S GDR2

In the world of Windows Phone one it’s easy to forget that companies besides Nokia make devices. They tend to dominate the airwaves, but other companies do make some solid devices out there running Windows Phone. One of those devices is the Samsung ATIV S. That with a little bit of push from Samsung could have been so much more. If you happen to be holding one of those devices unlocked and free of carrier branding you might be able to get the GDR2 update for it right now.

Our pals over in Germany at have been receiving tips and screenshots showing off the Samsung ATIV S humming along at OS version 8.0.10327.77 – which as you remember is GDR2.

Samsung ATIV S with GDR2

What can these folks look forward to in it? You’ll be getting some small improvements in usability and performance within the Xbox Music app. FM radio is now supported as long as you plug in a pair of headphones. Data Sense is included. Skype and other VoIP apps (like Lync) have improved stability and performance. Improved HTML5 compatibility in Internet Explorer. You can select your favorite lens to automatically open when you press the physical camera button. IBM Notes Traveler and Sina Weibo (China), CalDAV and CardDAV support.

Oddly, the folks over in Deutschland aren’t seeing FM Radio or Data Sense show up in their update to GDR2.

Have an unlocked/unbranded Samsung ATIV S? Check to see if you have an update and let us know below!

Thanks for the tip Enis!

Source: WPArea.DE