Windows 10

Microsoft announced Windows 10 yesterday, it's the next major version of Windows and you can download a technical preview today. The download went live earlier and a lot of you have already installed to start playing with the new Start menu, Snap enhancements and more. Poll time: Did you install Windows 10?

Let us know if you've already installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview and what you think of it so far!

You'll find six major new features in Windows 10 right now: Start menu, everything running in a window, multiple desktops, the ability to find files easier, new task view button and Snap enhancements. Microsoft will add and reveal more features of Windows 10 in the future, but for now check it out!

Remember, this is very early days for Windows 10, so don't install it on your main PC. Just join the Windows Insider Program and you'll be able to download it for free!

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