Tesco Xbox One

The Xbox One launch is going to be massive. Stores are struggling to keep up with pre-orders (I've personally had my own order put in "queue three" with my local GAME store), but fear not if you've yet to pre-order the console. UK supermarket chain, Tesco has some stock put to the side at its Extra stores that will go on a first come first serve basis.

In a press release, the supermarket boasts that over 100 of its Extra stores will have stock available for those who haven't yet place an order. We strongly urge you to check the Tesco website to see which nearby stores are going to be selling the Xbox One, as well as addressing pre-orders.

As always, it's best to contact your local store to double check they'll have units available for a walk in, walk out purchase. You'll also be able to head to the following stores to try out the Xbox One for yourself:

  • Cheshunt Extra - Friday Nov 22 
  • Coventry Extra - Saturday Nov 23 
  • Slough - Sunday Nov 24.

Tesco Home Entertainment Manager Stephen Owusu, had the following to comment on the Xbox One launch:

"The launch of the Xbox One is a massive event for millions of gamers around the world and the console is sure to top many Christmas present lists this year. We have worked closely with Microsoft to ensure we have a good quantity of initial stock but we will be getting more as we get nearer to Christmas."

There's only one problem going down this route. We contacted Tesco and they've been advised that only limited stock will be available at each store for this deal - it may not be worth the trouble. Who's heading down to their local to grab a unit or to fulfill their order?

Source: Tesco