HD Photo Viewer

HD Photo Viewer is a Windows Phone 8 app designed to give your images a sharper look. Some Windows Phone 8 devices reduce the display quality to improve viewer performance. HD Photo Viewer presents images at full resolution and many see a quality improvement.

HD Photo Viewer was recently updated to version 2.3 but a bug was discovered that prompted a second update a few days later that takes the app to version 2.3.2.  

All totaled the two updates adds a handful of performance improvements along with 720p support for Windows Phones such as the HTC 8X. The developer has shared that many of the suggested features such as deleting photos are not possible because of API restrictions and couldn't be included in these updates.

HD Photo Viewer

However, along with the 720p support, the HD Photo Viewer updates includes:

  • Sub folder support
  • Galleries are sorted by the most recent photo taken appearing first
  • Continuous browsing within one album (so no need to go back to chose the next picture)
  • Improved pinch-to-zoom and double-tap to zoom added
  • Support for WVGA screen resolution
  • Live tile with the cycling pictures chosen by the user

The developer notes that due to the limited amount of RAM on the Nokia Lumia 620, large DSLR photos may crash the app. The app uses quite a significant amount of RAM to display pictures in HD.

HD Photo Viewer has an unlimited trial version with the full version currently running $.99. If you feel your images are a little on the soft side when viewed from your Windows Phone 8 device, HD Photo Viewer is worth a try.

You can find HD Photo Viewer here at the Windows Phone Store.

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