HDR Photo Camera

HDR Photo Camera is a great photography app to create High Dynamic Range images with your Windows Phone 8 device.

The app was updated recently to version 3.0 that delivers a handful of new features to the table. New features that helps make HDR Photo Camera a little bit better.

The version 3.0 update for HDR Photo Camera adds an anisotropic alignment algorithm setting that helps steady handheld HDR shooting, which basically helps reduce blurring caused by hand shakes and improves the alignment of the three images.

HDR Photo Camera

Other notable improvements include a self-timer, virtual horizon, composition grid and a share button to share your newly created images through Twitter, Facebook, email, SMS, etc.

In just tinkering with the updated version of HDR Photo Camera the stabilization does help with capturing HDR images without the need for a tripod. Granted you can't jump up and down while taking the three images, but slight movements are now compensated for nicely.

There is a trial version available for HDR Photo Camera with the full version running $2.99. You can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.

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