Although none of us here at Windows Phone Central are in school anymore, we do still suffer flashback nightmares of Calculus I, II and beyond. And yet we have fond memories of our TI -81 graphing calculator, which is why we have an affinity for Grapher.

Grapher Calculator is not only one of the top paid apps for Windows Phone, it’s also well worth the price of a $1.49. It has all the advance functions you want, customizations options and it was even recently updated to support Windows Phone 8’s higher resolutions for super sharp graphics.

The app has a free ‘lite’ version but you’ll want to go and download the full one right now as it is temporarily free for the taking. The developer has done in this past and it usually lasts 6 days or so, meaning time is of the essence. Once you download the app for free, that license is permanently at that price even if you uninstall it or switch phones.

We’re hoping a few of college bound (or super geeky high school students) managed to get a Windows Phone over Christmas, if so, jump on this deal now and be set for the coming semester.

Pick up Grapher Calculator for Windows Phone 7.x and Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. Thanks, JimmyR., for the tip!

QR: Grapher