Xbox One

The Xbox 360 came out in November 2005, yes that 2005 from nearly 8 years ago. Over time, the Xbox 360 continued to improve with software updates and hardware refreshes that only changed the external look of the device. The Xbox One is coming sometime this November and with it the next generation. Microsoft has a cool sample showing the difference in voice quality between the Xbox 360 and the Xbox One. Let’s check it out.

Xbox’s Major Nelson, aka Larry Hyrb, has a cool post with two audio samples from the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. As you can probably guess, the Xbox One sample sounds heaps better than the one from the Xbox 360. Listen for yourself and see hear:

So what has Microsoft done to improve the voice quality? Besides 7+ years of technological advances, they’ve integrated the Skype audio codec. Skype, as you can imagine, knows a thing or two about voice quality with their billions of hours of service.

The new and improved audio quality for voice will work on Xbox One whether you’re talking in-game or through party chat with Skype.

Little samples like this from the Xbox One will surely be released from Microsoft as we get closer to launch. We’ll share all the interesting ones with you folks.

What do you think of the quality?

Source: Major Nelson