When René Schulte, .NET/Silverlight/Windows Phone developer, got in touch with us about his helium voice app, we didn't know whether to laugh or cry (just like our George Ponder with Nyan Cat). Being a bunch of grown men who enjoy taking the odd party balloon and creating insane voices/noises with the gas, I thought we would be labelled as party-poopers should we not give it a go.

The app allows one to record their voice and then manipulate an on-screen balloon to control the pitch of the playback. Not only that, but users can then upload their clip to SoundCloud for public applause. It's really humorous and would be a great laugh in a group of people who are under the influence and don't currently have a helium tank at hand. Version 2.0 has recently been released and René decided to publish an announcement, which also serves as a perfect demo.

You can download the free and the paid (79p/$0.99) versions from the Marketplace.