Hello Friends

Hello Friends is an app that's available for Windows Phone 8 owners who wish to customise their lockscreens with a collage of friend photos. The arrangement of photos are refreshed periodically in the background, leading to an effective change every so often. The app has now been bumped and includes a number of improvements. 

It's a similar concept that's utilised by Microsoft in the People Hub tile, which shows contact photos in a continuously updated montage. So what's new in version two?

  • The user is now able to pick specific contacts that should be used for collages
  • The app provides an option to adjust the refresh time interval
  • 5 new templates
  • Improvements of the overall experience and several bug fixes

As well as the update, the developer plans to release a version for Windows Phone 7.x early January. So those with older hardware will be able to enjoy such functionality - it's not currently known how this will be achieved, but we look forward to seeing the app available for previous versions of Windows Phone.

You can download Hello Friends from the Windows Phone Store for $0.99 (free trial available).

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