Hello Kitty

Trade shows always show us some weird, fun and downright bizarre devices, and Computex in Taipei last week was no exception. Microsoft's booth had all manner of Windows devices on display, including a couple for the local crowd with their favourite cutesy cat in tow.

Taiwan and Hello Kitty go hand-in-hand. If I was ever in doubt, I flew there on the infamous Hello Kitty EVA Air plane from Hong Kong. There's a big ol' check-in area at the airport dressed up in pink and with Hello Kitty all over the place. It's everywhere. Including a pair of Windows tablets.

Hardware wise they're about what we'd expect from affordable Windows tablets. Atom CPUs, 2GB of RAM, 32/64GB of internal storage, Windows 8.1 (soon to be Windows 10, of course), 8- and 10-inch versions with HD displays. But most of all, a "stylish, unique and intuitive Hello Kitty experience."

Because why wouldn't they.