Readit v2.0

Popular Reddit app for Windows Phone, Readit, is on the verge of a major update to version 2.0 and you can help beta test it right now. The announcement was made on Reddit – of course – and allows users to check out the next incarnation before it's finished. The beta is public, a free download and will end when the finished article hits the Windows Phone Store.

In making the announcement, the developers said that they just weren't able to complete by February 1, so the compromise is a public beta to try it out and help them iron out the bugs. The UI is currently quite different to the existing version, though we're also told not to dwell on any of that since it's not finished yet.

And remember, it's a beta app, so the chances are high things are broken, not working in the way you might want them too and there's going to be some all around jankyness. Indeed, we've seen some general janky behavior ourselves, but it's to be expected. The important thing to do is to feedback and help the developers get all the issues addressed.

To download the beta and provide your feedback, hit the source link below.

Source: Readit (Reddit)

Thanks omar for the tip!