Way back in November we told you guys about DVLUP, a Nokia sponsored rewards program for Windows Phone developers. It’s a cool community for developers and worth checking out if you’re in the scene. The program is ran by a bunch of Nokia Ambassadors, who are always doing crazy cool things. Lance McCarthy recently ran a hackathon that produced some cool apps. Now George Salcedo is doing something wild with another ambassador, a 1965 Rambler Ambassador to be accurate.

If your job title is ‘ambassador’ it makes sense to drive one right? George recently bought the 1965 machine and plans on fixing it up. He hopes to have that done in time to make the drive from San Diego to San Francisco when he attends the /BUILD conference on June 26. The license plate will obviously be 'DVLUP'.

George and his 1965 Rambler

Right now the car is white, but he’s planning on giving it a fresh coat of paint. But what’s the point of being a Nokia Ambassador driving around an Ambassador if it doesn’t look like the phones you rep? So we’re going to help George pick a color for the car. On the Facebook post he's listed either cyan, yellow, red, black, or white. But we've included all the Lumia colors we could remember below in a poll. Pick the color you'd like to see on this Rambler Ambassador.

Personally, I''m feeling cyan.

We’ll be sure to snag some pictures of the classic when we see it patrolling the streets of San Francisco at /BUILD. Have any other Windows Phone inspired suggestions for the car? Sound off below!

And if you're in the San Diego area, check out an upcoming hackathon on May 11 - details here

Source: DVLUP Facebook