Hemlis UI Mocks

The other day we told you guys about a little project called Hemlis. It’s an upcoming app that promises to keep your communication secure and private. They had a period of funding where they raised over $150,000 dollars to develop the app for Android and iOS. They had only planned on raising $100,000, so they had asked the community what to do with the extra $50,000. You said they should build a Windows Phone app. Their response?

The article from the other day about Hemlis gathered over 330 comments here. Plus you guys and gals took to the internet to let them know on Facebook and Twitter that there is demand for Hemlis to come to Windows Phone. Topping it all off, Daniel Gary offered to build the app for them for free. Yes, that Daniel Gary.

Hemlis and Daniel Gary are apparently in communication. But Android and iOS remain their priority at this time. Here’s what Hemlis has been saying across their social media accounts:

To all of you that requested a windows phone client. We hear you, but we have to start somewhere. After that let's see!

So there you have it folks. Wait and see. In the meantime, check out this article over at XDA about Hemlis and security. Maybe this isn't the secure messaging platform we want or need afterall. You be the judge. 

Source: Facebook, Twitter

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