Sorry folks for being so quiet today from the Herald Square event--we're fighting the busy streets of Manhattan as well as a nasty head cold, making it hectic day.

For our audience, no huge announcements were made besides Spotify which will be welcomed by many as a great addition to the  platform (personally, we're okay with Zune Pass here in the US). Other announcements were focused on the T-Mobile Radar and AT&Ts lineup, sans the HTC Titan. Speaking of the Titan, it was there, but not branded with AT&T's logo. No fear though, it was on the AT&T table but that device seems like it is still a few weeks, at least, away from release. Instead, the Samsung Focus S, Flash and Radar for 4G phones were the main focus of the event.

The main Herald Square event was pretty fun. A large, curious audience of a few hundred gathered and watched as bands like Far East Movement took the stage. There was also a live "Plants vs Zombies" performance, AccuWeather giving the weather, a marriage proposal and pizza that was "ordered" using Bing and then literally delivered to the crowd.

The event was quite festive, well produced and well received. Coupons for phones were giving out, giving discounts to new purchases as well as some hands-on tables. In addition, if you checked in via Foursquare you could pick up a free Windows Phone t-shirt.

All in all, a successful promotion by Microsoft. We're also told the video for the event should be going on the web, so you'll be able to check it out a bit later (if not, we have some laying around).

More pics after the break...