Making of Surface 2

We’re two weeks away from Microsoft launching the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2. While the Pro variant is the same as last generation save for updated internals, it’s the Surface 2 that is really exciting. Don’t get me wrong, I want a Surface Pro 2 ASAP, but the Surface 2 is pretty enticing. Here’s a video that highlights what Microsoft did to produce the next generation Surface

The video has a few of the key creators behind Surface 2 talking about their approach to making the Surface 2. We’ve got a thinner and lighter machine that innovates with a new kickstand design. The Touch Cover and Type Cover have been made thinner, while adding backlit keys. Some of these are wild changes from an engineering point of view. Did you catch those orange colors for the covers? 

We can’t wait to play with our Surface 2 in a few weeks. How about you? The device is selling fast, so you better act now. 

Thanks for the tip Rodney!