Box for Windows 10

As we reported earlier today, the business-themed cloud storage service Box has released a new universal app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. Microsoft describes how the Box team created the app in a new blog post.

Box actually combined the code of its desktop app made for Windows 8 with the Sliverlight-based Windows Phone version. The blog says that using the Universal Windows Platform helped the Box team save some time:

"The first step in the migration process was to deprecate any code no longer supported, for example, the Silverlight code. One of their goals was to offer a true Windows 10 user experience, so they converted custom controls to Windows 10 controls. Since the Box team didn't have to create the controls from scratch that accelerated development. Box used the split view control on their small screen UI, and they used the list view control on the main landing page for Box content. By taking advantage of the many assets and controls available readymade through Windows 10, they shortened the coding process and finished the project faster."

The blog adds that the ability for Box to publish the app via the Windows Store was a big help as well, according to Box executive Lois Wang:

" Box's Enterprise users appreciate the convenience of the Windows Store, a user-friendly way to deploy the app to corporate end users. "And to us, this makes deployment a much simplified story. Publishing to the Windows Store reduces the burden for us to create installers. Most of the devs who are familiar with the business logic are not experts with the installers. That's a huge overhead that we can avoid," said Lois."

Download Box for Windows 10/Windows 10 Mobile

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Source: Microsoft

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