Microsoft has announced the number of preview builds for Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 Mobile have been released to members of the Windows Insider Program since the launch of the November update.

Windows 10

After that small feature update, Microsoft's Windows 10 team made an effort to push out preview builds of Windows 10 at a more rapid pace to members of the Insider Fast ring. In a blog post, Windows Insider head Dona Sarkar stated:

Since the November Update, we have responded to Insider feedback with more frequent build releases. We have released a total of 28 PC builds and 20 Mobile builds. We released more builds to Insiders for the Anniversary Update than we did for the launch of Windows 10 as well as the November Update. And Windows Insiders have given us 70 million pieces of feedback this year alone and 5,000+ (including bug fixes, UI changes, feature requests, etc.) improvements to Windows 10 based on Windows Insider feedback.

Sarkar gave an example of how that faster pace of build releases helped to get some changes made to Windows 10 at a quicker rate:

While not everything can be turned around quickly of course, one small example that sticks out to me was how we made a change to the File Explorer icon. We got a ton of feedback from the Insiders that they didn't love the icon and we changed it a few weeks later.