Here's a look at the Microsoft flagship store in Sydney, Australia

Microsoft's flagship store in Sydney, Australia opened today, marking the opening of the company's second flagship store in as many weeks following the opening of the New York location on Fifth Avenue. Australian news outlet marked the occasion by visiting the 6,000 square foot space for a peek inside.

The two-level store looks to feature a relatively open space packed to the gills with Microsoft devices ranging from the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book to the Microsoft Band 2 and Xbox One. Perhaps most interestingly, the report notes that none of the devices are tethered down, which means buyers can pick them up and walk around the store to compare with other products.

Of course, like the New York location, the Sydney store also features an Answer Desk where customers can bring in their Microsoft devices — no matter where they were purchased — and get help with them. There's also a dedicated space for workshops and seminars.

As an aside, it also looks like the grand opening drew quite the crowd. Twitter user @ShaneConway65 and @reillystyley posted the following images showing off the massive crowd gathered outside.

Sydney Microsoft Store Opening

For more on the new Microsoft Store in Sydney, be sure to check out the full report at the source link below.