Microsoft Japan held a press event earlier this week to show off a number of third-party OEMs that plan to make Windows 10 Mobile smartphones. Some of those phones were shown off during the event.

Perhaps the most unusual looking phone shown during the event came from NuAns. The NEO smartphone, unlike many Windows Phone devices from third-parties, was designed from scratch from NuAns instead of using a reference design. The phone will have a number of different colors on top and on the bottom half of the case it will have another material like wood. NuAns has yet to reveal anything else about the NEO.


Another upcoming Windows 10 Mobile device in Japan will come from Diginnos, which will have an HD display and 16GB of storage.

The geenee company, which makes a number of Android phones, will release a Windows 10 Mobile device There are no details on its hardware but it has a gold color on its side.


The Freetel Katana 02 has the most information about its hardware. Inside the 5-inch Windows 10 Mobile device there will be 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage, for the price of ¥ 29,800.

As previously reported, PC maker VAIO will also launch a Windows 10 Mobile device in 2016, and Acer has already revealed its Jade Primo smartphone for a release during the same year.