Windows 10

The change log for an unreleased version of Windows 10, build 10108, has been posted by a well-known leaker of Microsoft screenshots and information. The change log comes from a release that is normally given to Microsoft's hardware partners.

The full list, as posted by the Russian site WZOR, has some interesting changes compared to the current 10072 Windows 10 build that's now available for Windows Insiders. For example, Tablet model on a 2-in-1 device like a Microsoft Surface only appears if universal Windows apps are running in this 10104 build. Also, the Start menu in this build is not only resizable but can be used correctly in a multi-monitor setup.

In addition, this build adds support for Wi-Fi Sense, a feature that is already in Windows Phone 8.1 and was rumored for Windows 10. In theory, this means that users of Windows 10 devices will be able to store user names and passwords of public Wi-Fi hotspots so they can automatically connect to them on their next visit without any manual typing. W-Fi Sense should also allow those owners to share their Wi-Fi credentials with others without revealing passwords.

You can check out the full change log at the link below. Hopefully we will get a new public preview build of Windows 10 very soon.

Source: WZOR; Via: WMPU