Microsoft Band

Microsoft has a fitness tracker coming out very soon called the Microsoft Band. We're expecting an official announcement in the near future. We've already seen the official companion apps, called Microsoft Health, in the Windows Phone Store, Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Here's what we've been able to piece together about the Microsoft Band.

  • Cortana support (Windows Phone only)
  • Up to two-days battery life
  • 310 x 102 pixel display
  • The band has shaped batteries in it
  • It is designed so that the screen is on the inside of your wrist
  • 132 background options for your Microsoft Band
  • MS working on it for about three years
  • The Band will be Microsoft Store only, US only and in limited quantities
  • The Band is meant more of a demonstration of the new Microsoft Health service, which is open to other companies who want to opt-in to share information
  • Microsoft Store employees are being briefed now
  • May launch as early as tomorrow (either sales or pre-orders)
  • Calendar alerts
  • Email previews
  • 24-hour heart rate monitoring
  • Guided workouts

The Cortana integration sounds really interesting. Users will evidently be able to take notes, set location reminders and more using Cortana and the Microsoft Band.

We're still piecing together information about the Microsoft Band and expect an official announcement at 12:00 ET (9PM PT). What new info appeals to you the most?

Image credit: @MicrosoftBand

Thanks to Travis La Marr for some of the background info and background images!