While Microsoft has yet to post the entire keynote presentation from Wednesday's Windows 10 consumer briefing to its YouTube channels, the company has uploaded a brief video going over the highlights of the over two hour event.

The over three minute clip includes speakers like Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, operating systems leaders Terry Myerson and Joe Belfiore, Xbox head Phil Spencer, and more company team members talking about the highlights of the event: Windows 10 for both PCs and mobile devices, how the OS will work with the Xbox One, the Microsoft Surface Hub and of course the Microsoft HoloLens.

Microsoft's Xbox Channel on YouTube has also posted Spencer's full 18 minute presentation from the Windows 10 event, where he talked about DirectX 12, how Xbox One games will be able to stream games to a Windows 10 PC or tablet and more.

You can check out a replay of the full Windows 10 keynote event via Microsoft's own video solution which we have embedded on Windows Central

Source: Microsoft (YouTube), Xbox (YouTube)