Hike Messenger

Popular messaging client Hike Messenger is in the process of revamping its Windows Phone app, and is looking for beta testers to provide feedback on feature additions and overall user experience.

The reason for bringing the soak test to Windows Phone users? According to Hike: "WP users are very loyal and we want to focus on them plain and simple." Here's what's in store with the redesigned version for Windows Phone:

  • A complete makeover for Windows phone
  • New Chat themes crafted with love to suit your feelings :)
  • Share files upto a whopping 100MB in size![soon we will upgrade it to 1gb]
  • Transfer files of all types including notes, photos,docs & pdfs !
  • 500 member Group Chats with multi-admin facility for big fun[again 1000 members soon]
  • 1:1 mute chats so that you can go ahead and mute a friend who is pestering you without hurting his feelings. Trust us, he'll never find out!

Hike mentions that the app will be constantly updated as the team incorporates feedback from the community. The messaging service will port the changes to the universal app for Windows 10, which is in the works.

Interested? Get in touch with the folks at Hike through win81beta@hike.in with "beta test" in the subject line, and you'll receive access to the beta app shortly.

Source: Reddit