A big question many of us have been wondering is this: if Windows Mobile 7 is this huge overhaul of the OS (and it is), what will become of HTC's Sense UI?

One the one hand, we have strong reason to believe that WM7's UI will be very compelling--possibly Zune HD like, with a Silverlight base for transparencies and advanced GUI features.

On the other, you have HTC and its now corporate-branded UI: Sense. Sense appears on Windows Mobile and now Android devices and has come to represent their identity in the marketplace.

But how will these two work together in WM7?  Is HTC really going to push forward? Evidently yes.

XDA member CookieMonster found this bit of code in the latest Sense 2.5 (1922):

if HomeMachineStatus.WM7Device.Value then 
  IsWindowsMobile7Device = true 
  PredefineItem = 1 
  HomeItemCollection = HomeManager:GetHomeCollection(1) 
  IsWindowsMobile7Device = false 
  PredefineItem = 0 
  HomeItemCollection = HomeManager:GetHomeCollection() 

Considering we have a pretty good idea that the HD2 is getting WM7 and Sense 2.5 (1922) is designed for the T-Mobile HD2, well you can see how HTC is already playing with and planning to cover up WM7.

Of course we know MSFT has no issue with this and in fact encourages such practice, plus it's not like you can't turn off Sense to return to the WM UI.  Still, it's an interesting tidbit for the future.

[MobileTechWorld via WMPoweruser]