Oggl for Windows Phone

If you tried the recently released Oggl photo app (for all Windows Phone 8 devices) or Oggl PRO (Nokia Lumia 1020), you may have had some mixed results from posting your creations. For instance, we noticed when we’d dual post to Instagram and Twitter, the Twitter submission would only have an Oggl link but omit our accompanying written text. Others have reported login in problems, failed submissions and an overall “meh” experience.

Luckily, Hipstamatic’s Oggl apps appear to be on the fast track for bug fixes and feature additions.  Version for the regular Oggl app is now live and version for the PRO variation. No changelog for either, which is a downer.

Oggl for Windows Phone

But the Oggl team does note:

“This is our very first Hipstamatic version on WP8 and not only are we going to improve the experience of using the app a lot shortly, we also have a lot more features coming. Please have some patience and stay tuned for updates here shortly.”

That signals to us that the Hipstamatic team (along with Nokia’s helpers) have quite a few plans for this app and service to make things a lot better. So as they say above, have patience people. Notice any fixes with these updates versions? Share with us in comments!

Pick up the updates for Oggl here for Windows Phone 8 devices and Oggl PRO here for the Lumia 1020. Thanks, Nick L., for the tip!

QR: Oggl
Oggl (Windows Phone 8)


QR: Oggl Pro
Oggl PRO (Nokia Lumia 1020 only)